Switching to Android?

iOS or Andorid?

For a while now I’ve been thinking about jumping ship and switching to Android from iOS. In the past I have dismissed the idea, as in my view iOS was superior. It worked for me so why break something that works?

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been using iOS for over 6 years now, and if I’m honest I’m starting to get a bit bored. iOS 7 was a nice facelift – but under the reskin things are pretty much in the same place and work in pretty much the same way.
I asked myself what do I actually use my iPhone for?

I decided the easiest way to split my use was into four categories; communication, organisation, entertainment and travel. Admittedly travel possibly comes under organisation but as it is such a huge part of my phones use I decided it warranted it’s own category!

The 4 uses of a mobile phone Communication, Entertainment, Organisation and Travel

1) WhatsApp – YES
2) Twitter – Tweetbot – SORT OF
3) Facebook / Facebook Messenger – YES
4) iMessage – NO
5) SMS – YES
6) Email – YES
7) Instagram – YES

1) Fantastical – NOT QUITE
2) Banking Apps – YES
3) Evernote – YES

1) Spotify – YES
2) Safari – YES (Chrome)
3) Digg Reader – YES
4) BBC iPlayer – YES
5) YouTube – YES
6) AirPlay – SORT OF (requires some setting up!)

1) Apple Maps – NO
2) Google Maps – YES
3) CityMapper – NO
4) Tube Lines – YES
5) Live Train Times – SORT OF

So having split my usage up and looked at my most commonly used Apps could I switch over to Android? Probably yes.

The mobile phone is the most personal device I own. It travels with me everywhere and I’m happy it does. As for creating a “personal device” I think Google already have a better idea of who I am than Apple. Apple know what sort of music I listened to (from iTunes) and they know where I am (Apple Maps) but Google know what I’ve been looking for, how often I’ve been looking at it and even guesses where I’ll be going at the weekend when using Google Now. Google is most certainly a major part of my digital life, because of software (I’m referring the the web as software). Apple is only part of my life because of an OS and some hardware.

The question should be “do I want Google to tell me what to do” not “Is now the time to switch to Android?”
I can’t be bothered to hold off any more and just let Google know 100% who I am – next time my contract is up I think it’s time to make the jump.